Ten Essentials for an Adventure Trip to Nepal

  • Raj Kumar Khadka
  • Last Updated on Jun 22, 2023

If you are setting off for any adventure activity in any corners of the world, it’s always necessary to pack the ten essentials. The lists of ten essentials were introduced in the 1930s by the Mountaineers, which directly relate it with adventurous outdoor excursion. If you have this, you can be survived in many harsh situations. As Nepal is also a world renowned destination of adventure trips, following ten essentials is mandatory. Better to know before your trip to Nepal.

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Ghorepani, Annapurna Area

Navigation (map and compass)

Every traveler must bring Map and Compass before heading to adventure activities to find out the direction. It is still quite challenging in Nepal to follow the routes from maps, but in many situations, it works. Maps and compasses function as your guide in the situation you are traveling alone or traveling without a guide.

Sun protection (sunglasses and sunscreen)

Mountaineers reach up to 8848 meters in Nepal and trekkers also reach more than 4000 meters mostly. (Some trekking trails lie at a lower altitude). In this case, having sunglasses and sunscreen protects you from the harmful effects of UV rays. UV rays are more powerful in the mountain region, where the temperature is cool.

Insulation (extra clothing)

Be informed about the weather before you go to any adventure activities. If you go for high-altitude trekking or mountaineering in Nepal, it’s better to bring extra clothes always. Sometimes, it feels really hot in the day time, when there is sunlight but after it's gone, the temperature falls rapidly and even far from minus at night. It’s advantageous to bring windproof jackets, extra woolen hats, warm shocks, and others.

Illumination (headlamp/flashlight)

Due to some reasons, trekkers and mountaineers in Nepal should walk at night. Flight delays can be one of the reasons in mountain regions. And if you have a headlight, there is no problem. It is light and no extra energy is needed to bring it. Make sure, you have it. (There are usual load shedding and the headlamp is useful for every doings).

First-aid supplies

Carrying first-aid supplies is significant in trekking and mountaineering in Nepal. It is a landlocked country and in many places, there are no roadways. You should be aware before going on Adventure trips, ensuring that you have first-aid supplies. This helps you to be ok till the helicopter rescue comes.

Fire (waterproof matches/lighter/candles)

Fire is essential for adventure trips to use when you need to light a fire or use it in difficult situations. In mountain regions of Nepal, there are only a few lodges and if you need warm urgently, you can burn something and get heat. Always bring lighter or matches as they are not heavy.

Repair kit and tools

If you are mountaineering in Nepal, you need to make tents and use climbing equipment. You need some repair kit and tools in this situation. Be sure you have put it in your bag so that you should not suffer in your time of need.

Nutrition (extra food)

It is always important to put some extra food while you are either on a simple or adventurous excursion. Sometimes, you may face some tough situations during the adventure activity or be trapped. Extra nutritional food helps you to survive. Nutritional food includes nuts, peanuts, chocolates, and many more.

Bing Hydration (extra water)

Water is life, which is even more important than food (in the aspect of priority). Having extra water, you will get rid of dehydration. It sustains you. In the mountain regions of Nepal, there are countless water sources. So, it’s better to bring water purification tablets if you are going there.

Emergency shelter

An emergency shelter was added later to the 10 essential lists. Sometimes, you may get insufficient information about the place you are going to or get the wrong information, and then you may face difficulties in finding accommodation. Bringing tents or any form of shelter protects you not staying under the sky. This situation occurs in trekking and mountaineering in Nepal.

Raj Kumar Khadka

Raj Kumar Khadka

Raj Kumar was born and raised in the mountain town of Gorkha. He is an enthusiastic traveler who enjoys discovering new places. His passion for exploration knows no bounds, driving him to seek out new trails and experiences. He has successfully traveled and explored most of the trekking routes in Nepal, mastering their intricacies. 

Raj Kumar started his career as a guide at the end of the year 2006. His dedication to this field has been unwavering, surpassing 17 years and counting. He established his own company, Green Society Adventure, in 2013, fueled by his expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. He has a vision to share the beauty of Nepal’s landscapes and cultures to the world. As both a guide and a leader, he inspires people to explore the world with curiosity and respect.

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