Why Travel with Us

Responsive Quality Service

Quality service follows a set of preset habits most organizations practice, we want to make sure this level of service is matched by responsiveness. Quality is very subjective, many consumers choose to look at it differently, and hence we identify what quality means to each customer and respond in a relevant manner. Instead of working in automation with the checklist in hand, we dig deep and find out what differences you want from us and work hard with our experts to provide that for you.

Trained and Qualified Guides and Staff

Knowledge and experience are power, and these are both attributes that our guides hold, while certified to do the job, they also embody the Himalayan spirit of goodwill and hospitality where each journey they guide they do with passion. They do not hide away from challenges that the landscape may sometime present, but rather face these situations with innovations and a winning spirit. This has led many of our staff and guides to using measured creative techniques to present the beauty of Nepal such as literature becoming a pushing force to one of our clients when he had trouble walking.

Honest and Affordable Monetary Exchange

Competitive pricing that keeps both parties happy, is the angle we always go for. We want our clients to be satisfied with what they pay and truthfully communicate the reasons why they are paying the said amount. This increases transparency and trust on their part, and the mutual understanding helps make the entire trip conflict-free and entertaining.

Freedom to Explore

Sometimes tight itineraries and overwhelming service constrict the clients from being themselves and truly exploring the reasons they came to Nepal for. We want them to be free from the daily constrictions that life usually presents, the country is an oasis of freedom with simplicity at heart, hence we give our clients certain time to wander, and explore. Rather than bombarding them with facts, we give them time to experience their own journey on their own terms.

Attention and Care to The Smaller Things

Hospitality is not about over-the-top practices but rather the smaller things. We are attentive to your smaller needs, and inconveniences and try to resolve them to the best of our capabilities. Always listening and communicating we gather valuable insights; this practice has led us to be a company that practices putting even the smallest priorities on our list and working hard to help our clients. Sometimes just being a listening ear in the journey helps and we do not shun these small things, as small things make for bigger memories.


As with growing globalization, the melting pot that the world has become our clients come with different hobbies and interests. To match these unique needs we have customized blended itineraries to offer versatility. Our blended itineraries include a mix of yoga in the Himalayas, adventure sports while trekking, and social activities while exploring to name a few.

Proactive Practices

Our proactive practices want the seasonal business of tourism to be an all-year extravaganza, this means better researching unconventional trails to add to our stream of exciting packages, and researching, and exploring activities clients can enjoy all year round. Proactiveness has led our company to rediscover many hidden gems in Nepal, which is why we continue practicing it.

Socially fulfilling

Nothing beats an experience that is adventurous and socially fulfilling. Our continuous effort has been there to connect these two entities, many of the clients come from different professional backgrounds, and are keen on helping the communities in Nepal. As an organization, we make this a possibility, either by organizing events, or health camps giving them a chance to give back and our communities to receive.

Satisfied Repeat Customers

Our company’s constant communication with old clients has led to many repeat customers coming back for more, and most have admired the non-intrusive way we do business. They enjoy that we let them wander and explore the remote areas while constantly being a guiding voice. The unique way in which we have presented our country with versatility and options (things you do not expect from a developing nation like Nepal) has been winning the hearts of customers and making them return for more.