The Ultimate Guide to Solo Travel in Nepal

  • Raj Kumar Khadka
  • Last Updated on Jun 25, 2023

Nepal is a beautiful bucket-list destination for many passionate trekkers and mountaineers of the world. A diverse country with remarkable biodiversity, culture, and wildlife is simply too attractive to ignore. Here is the ultimate guide for solo travel in Nepal. 

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Is It Safe for Solo Travel in Nepal?

The answer is yes- it is safe to travel solo in Nepal. The country is a safe destination for travelers who are visiting their own, as the Nepali society is welcoming their guests as gods, and is tolerant of people of all religions.

Nepal is generally open to all cultures, and this makes traveling to Nepal a lot safer than in other countries. Nevertheless, despite the sheltered and secure atmosphere, it still lies in the best interest of the traveler to follow the basic precautions and use sensibility while traveling solo. This sentiment is heightened for female travelers.

Traveling Solo or in Group

In terms of treatment from the Nepali people, it doesn't really make a difference whether you are traveling solo or with a group. There is no discrimination for solo travelers since traveling to Nepal is done solo as opposed to being part of a group.

There are no additional charges for solo travel either when it comes to accommodation. In review, accommodation is cheaper as single rooms are less pricy than double rooms. In the off-trekking season, the prices for both the single and double rooms may be the same or have no large variation in prices, but during the peak trekking season, single rooms cost comparatively less.

In the same manner, it isn’t incumbent to say that if you have the courage to travel to another country on your own, then dining alone in comparison is not that much of a daunting task. Unlike some other places where dining alone can be seen as a bit weird, it isn't the case in Nepal.

Nevertheless, people often do ask to join the table when the restaurant is crowded, and your table has empty space. It is a great way to meet new people, but by and large, you can dine alone and it isn't really a bother while solo traveling in Nepal.

Solo Travel in Nepal

As stated, solo traveling to Nepal is relatively easier and safer than in other countries. The same goes for solo trekking in Nepal as well. Solo travelers can visit the Himalayas on their own without any hefty difficulties.

However, it is best to go with a group or take the help of a reputable traveling agency when visiting Nepal solo for the first time. There are many things that require attention, and it can all become a bit overwhelming while doing alone, especially for a place that you have never been to before. Taking the help of a travel agency also puts you on the safe side.

Tips for Solo Trekking in Nepal

  • It is important to stick to the routine and the itinerary. Do not push yourself to go off-route to unknown areas in the Himalayas while you are trekking solo.
  • Meanwhile, also let your friends and family know about the trek area and itinerary while you trek in the mountain solo.
  • Always make sure that you have all the necessary gear and a good mode of communication, you can easily get a Nepali Sim card to make phone calls and emergency phone numbers.
  • It is also important to have good travel Insurance when trekking in Nepal.

Accommodation During Sole Trek in Nepal 

As far as the accommodation is concerned, it is best to stick to guesthouses and hotels while trekking in mountains. Nepal has a wide range of accommodations that cater to people of all budgets. Again, it is best to hire a local guide from a good traveling agency, but trekking, especially on the more popular routes such as the Everest Base Camp and the Annapurna Base Camp, can also be done along with proper planning and arrangements.

In the more remote and off-beaten trekking paths, however, it is best to have a travel agency have your back as unpredictability is inevitable at far-off places that simultaneously experience fewer trekking crowds. Nevertheless, it is better to book hotels at guesthouses that are of mid to higher level in terms of guest-star-ratings.

Transportation During Sole Traveling

Another thing to consider while solo traveling in Nepal is the mode of transportation. Due to Nepal's geography, the roads in the country, especially highways, are often winding around valley ridges and are, more often than not, narrow. Some are not big enough for two trucks to pass by each other.

Thus, traveling from one destination to the next for trekking adventures can be a bit jarring. Thus, taking flights can be the best option to avoid the wariness of a long bus ride through the valley outskirts. In Kathmandu valley, you can choose taxis and public vehicles for transportation.

Fun Part of Traveling Solo in Nepal

Meeting new people and making friends while trekking is also easy, especially during peak trekking seasons. Kathmandu and Pokhara, both bustling and lively cities of Nepal, have amazing touristic ambiances, especially at places like Thamel in Kathmandu and the lake-side area in Pokhara as they are designated tourist spots.

During the peak seasons, the places are buzzing with many visitors from all parts of the world. The same goes while on the trekking trail as well, as at the guesthouses (for peak trekking seasons). The tourist hubs are the best places to interact with the local Nepali people as well.

Besides Kathmandu city, other popular places include Bhaktapur and Patan where you can visit the city's heritage sites and other popular spots. In most places in Nepal, the local Nepalese people can have interactions in English, but it's best to keep level-headed expectations on this particular aspect. In hindsight, it will be of use to learn some basic Nepali while traveling to the country as well.

Useful Information

The daylight hours are the best time to explore Nepal. Except for the tourist hubs in the cities, night-time in Nepal consists of lonely streets. Navigating in the dark is difficult as is, but the lack of people in the vast emptiness of the night is not worth the trouble. Instead, staying at the accommodation relaxing is better than wandering the streets in the dark.


Solo travel in Nepal is not just a plausible thing to do, but it is not that difficult either. If certain sensible and customary rules are followed, then trekking in Nepal on your own can not only be done but can also be enjoyable and less bothersome. Nepal is a great place that has a myriad of cultures and traditions that are amazing to experience. It is a beautiful country that welcomes all of its visitors with friendliness. With the practice of caution and following the rules that do not disturb or harm the sentimentality of the Nepali people as well as your own well-being, solo traveling to Nepal is definitely feasible.

Raj Kumar Khadka

Raj Kumar Khadka

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