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Company Overview

buy Lyrica from india Raj Kumar Khadka’s entry to the tourism industry happened as a way to experience adventure in 2007 but later persevered when he saw the boundless opportunities this industry held in regards to empowering a person and a nation. Sensing a big gap in the industry for a company that manages your journey but lets you wander free for your expeditions without set boundaries, Mr. Khadka established Green Society Adventure.

Campbell River The company established in 2013 with a clear motive of providing specialized experience to clients while always binding crucial elements of fun and social welfare in the process. On the very year of its establishment, Green Society Adventure seized an opportunity and used the international surgeons and doctors to treat burn victims in Kirtipur Hospital, later this group traveled to the adventure heavy areas of Ghorepani for the exciting rendezvous with the river through rafting. This is just one of the many examples of the company’s wholesome approach to doing business.

purchase generic Lyrica The name that was brought about to be socially conscious and society based, Green Society Adventure always lives up to it. The positive light in which they do business has been transmitted in their itineraries with spirituality based packages and over and beyond efforts such as impromptu helicopter run-ins to help valued customers in their journey. The company identifies with the globalized trends of the world, which is why they work hard to create an exchange with varied groups of travelers.

Misoprostol with out a prescription A simple philosophy of the company that can be attributed to its success even post the disastrous earthquake is their proactive state of doing work. The company aggressively uses proactive measures to make your trips exciting, with religious, adventurous, relaxed, challenging expeditions in traditional and unconventional paths always waiting for you. Always reinventing based on the needs of the customers, one such example would be the intensive manner in which they make relevant itineraries, ensuring that you get an exciting journey laced with local knowledge. Their literary builds on the experiences and insights of locals, their expertise, this way the clients experience a journey that is authentic and culturally robust.

However, although the itineraries are locally based we understand the global melting cultures based in the world today and understand the different needs of our customers, this is the very reason our customization to this journey is based on your need, what drives you, what inspires you, be it yoga in the Himalayas or diving head first as you bungee jump into a new experience, nothing is out of reach for us.

Green Society Adventure has been over the past years utilizing the platform that tourism has provided for the greater good, providing clients with a limitless experience, where they are constantly harassed in the name of service but rather given the opportunity to freely explore the country the way they want. Additionally, with our efforts to sustain we use the inflow of specialized skills that flow in as tourists by providing better treatment to our locals, establishing a win-win exchange for both parties.  Our country has boundless opportunities, due to the intense mesmerizing landscape we are blessed with, individuals from all nationalities gravitate towards us, when this happens it is our responsibility to keep them longer, make them repeat clients and provide a home away from home hospitality.