Yartung, The Horse Race

Travel Diary: The Horse Races of Mustang

Festivals and zestful celebrations are one of the biggest factors that make Nepal a land of joy and cultural wonders. With numerous festivals of diverse cultural groups, it is easy…

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Day tour in Pokhara

A Day in Pokhara

The Pokhara Valley, located between the Greater Himalaya and the Mahabharata Range, is situated in central Nepal, and is dubbed as “the tourist hub of the country”. Correspondingly, from a…

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ultimate travel guide in Nepal

The Ultimate Guide to Solo Traveling in Nepal

Solo traveling in Nepal, home of the high Himalayas, is a gorgeous bucket-list destination for many enthusiastic trekkers and mountaineers of the world. It is, geographically and culturally, a diverse…

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Nepal Travel

10 Reasons to visit Himalayas of Nepal

Nepal- the land of the Himalayas is a beautiful country of countless natural treasures, Himalayan beauty, and multicultural attributes. In fact, eight of the ten tallest mountain peaks in the…

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Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal Trek And Hidden Faces About Mardi Himal

Introduction Mardi Himal trek is a relatively new trek in the famous Annapurna region and is also known as the hidden trek of Nepal. The trek continues through pristine landscapes…

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what is altitude sickness

What is Altitude Sickness – Important to Know Before You go to Treks

Introduction If you are planning on trekking on mountain regions or higher altitudes, you must be well aware of the dangers that lie on your journey. While steep terrain and…

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Reasons to do the Everest base camp trek

Some Reasons TO Do The Everest Base Camp Trek

Introduction The Everest Base camp trek is easily one of the most popular trekking destinations in the entire world. Resting on the laps of the world’s tallest mountain- the Mt….

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Wildlife tour

Wildlife Photography in Nepal

When one encounters heavenly beauty such that of Nepal, s/he is sure to be tempted to take photographs of those marvels. Nepal is known all around the globe for its…

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Short day hiking

Short Day Hike Near Kathmandu Valley

Nepal offers immense beauty due to its phenomenal geographical composition. With the glorious Himalayas in the north, trekking is one of the most opted-for adventures in Nepal. However, trekking requires…

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Everest yoga trek

Everest Yoga Trek

Nepal is acclaimed as a paradise for its heavenly beauties. To make it more exciting, you can now experience the thrills of trekking along with the mindfulness of Yoga. Joining…

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