Green Society Adventure is a licensed trekking, travel and tour specialist agency in Nepal that offers a wide range of trekking travel and tour packages to some of the most exquisitely adventurous and some of the most revered destinations in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. We specialize in providing custom tailored traveling options and support to our clients even if they are in a group or solo’s who love to wander around the planet. We know your needs and deliver them seamlessly.

Founded and operated by experienced and well seasoned professional travel agents – we have established ourselves as a brand that offers the best in class traveling experiences. We work in collaborations with multiple local and international agencies, airliners, transporters, hotels, security and government agencies.  We have traveled, met and talked with them and have tested each others’ capabilities in our respective area for creating a firm base below our footing in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan’s travel sector.


Ranging from adventurous trekking in high Himalayan ranges to breath-taking hikes in tundra and alpine region to sub tropical greenery-filled stroll packages to family and solo pilgrimage tours, we do it all. And yes at the best cost and with outstanding safety protocols. We know the limits of adventure and we know the sanctity of family happiness and religious belief – so even if you a freak wanderer or a family person or a devotee, we know your needs and we cater to them just as you would yourself. Nepal is place that has surprises and pleasure for every one of us – nature explorers, snow lovers, sun tanners, culture lovers, architecture praiser and name it. Nepal is full of what some call ‘mysticism’ and has something for everyone to explore about it. Come explore it, with us while keeping exploring our own limits of extending our hospitality.

Travel to the Sacred Land of Tibet

Travel to Tibet – the holy land beyond the Himalayas from Nepal. We have a proven track record of doing all liaising with concerned authorities for getting your documentation ready, for making your traveling seamless and enjoyable by taking care of almost a tourist needs. One of our specialties as travel agencies is our relationship and liaisons with local agencies and best in class tourist guides.

Travel to the Druk Kingdom: Bhutan

One of the countries where peace and serenity reins, Bhutan with its deeply embedded Buddhist way of life philosophy is a living sanctuary for peace and nature lovers. Engaging without local travel agency partners, we have organized many travels to this country. Given our established relationship with native traveling agencies – we offer some of the best hospitality at the best rates to our guest in comparison to our competitors.

We feel that traveling should be safe, affordable and earn you memories that are nothing less graceful to cherish through your years ahead. Try us!

If you any question, call us or drop some lines below. We will get in touch with you.