Happy Tourist in National paddy plantation day

03 Jul 2016


Last week Nepal has stored memories of 13th National paddy plantation day celebrated in a day before early weekend. It was on 29th June as known “Ashad 15” where people all over Nepal get into the wetland to spend whole day cultivation with much gusto expecting canary in their mind to receive sacks full of paddy in upcoming spring season.

Farmers, locals and many tourists all over the country has fully enjoyed observing and even getting involved in a day long workout. The celebration continued for a whole day among people where happiness was shimmering with wet mud in the hands and splashing each other. The extensive was no longer a limit for delight and was all falling in water-logged field.

National Paddy day celebration in Nepal has created unity exterminating all those separation of mankind. Regardless of all those hidden priorities of social stigma, people get gathered to accomplish the task in adorable environment. It’s a exquisite momentum of what’s in store for the rest of the world. The country where economics are horrific and pushed out with enormous destabilized political issues, the day holds National importance for farmers across Nepal and it also gives sound relief to the country of almost 5% of National economic growth.

As of all, tourism also couldn’t remain abstract in this auspicious National celebration day. National Tourism board has organized an event in Pokhara to celebrate and had invited many tourist in the wetland field. Tourist loved the way executed the crops with huge lot of excitement saying it’s a Nepalese way they have celebrated and the fun was everlasting. Nepal has upcoming 3 consecutive month October, November and December the best season to visit beautiful places in Nepal. Breath taking mountains, inspiring hills vistas, icy waterfalls, beautiful wetlands and many more natural beauties that last with Never ending happiness for those visit planners to Nepal, country’s hospitality ensures they now are ready to welcome tourist from all over the world and the task starts herewith the celebration and its accomplishment of cultivation with monsoon end.

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