Five interesting facts you did not know about Nepali Deepwali (Tihar) festival

26 Oct 2016


Deepwali (Tihar) is one of the major national festivals of Nepal, specially celebrate by Hindu follower. Tihar (Deepawali) in general signifies the festival of light which is celebrated for five days long. And consider being a great relation of human with gods and animals.

Kaag (Crow) Tihar

The first day of the festival start with worship crows by offering sweets and dishes place on the yards or in roofs of house. The crowing of crow symbolizes sadness and grief in Hinduism. This festival represents the marvelous attachment between humans and other animals.

Kukur (Dog) Tihar

The second day of festival is called Kukur (dog) Tihar, worship of dogs. People offer garland, tika and delicious food to dogs and acknowledge the important of dogs in human life.

Gai (Cow) Tihar and Laxmi Puja

The day of the festival start with worship of the cow in the morning. On this day people show their appreciation to the cow by worshiping and feeding them with best grass and foods.

In the evening people worship Laxmi, the goddess of wealth by lighting oil lamps or candles on doorway and windows to welcome prosperity and well being. This festival signifies wealth and prosperity. And From this day people start Deusi Bhailo, where at night boys and girls enjoy singing and dancing by visiting the entire neighborhood with musical instruments.

Gobardhan Puja

Depending on ethnic culture background people have different way to celebrate the day of festival. Normally on that day people do Goru Puja (worshiping of oxen) but the newari communities do Mha Puja (worship of self) in the evening of that day.

Bhai Tika

This is one of the important days of Tihar festival. On that day sister worship and applying tika to the foreheads of their brother to ensure long life and thank them for protection they provided. Together they enjoy the day with having good foods, drinks as well sharing their happiness. At the same time brother give tika and an exchange of gift to their sister.

Wish you all a Happy Tihar (Deepwali) 2073!