Best tips for enjoyable Nepal Adventure

22 Sep 2016


Nepal is a traveler’s paradise and trekking/climbing can be one of the best experiences of your life time. However it is up to you to ensure it is an outstanding trip, but here we like to give you some tips for Nepal adventure which will make your trip even more exciting.

Plan your Trekking Holidays

When you want to go for Vacation, first you should know where you are going. It is very important to make a proper plan, do research on altitude, technical involved and previous experience required or not.
Similarly, what you are going to eat, drink and where you are going to sleep while you are in adventure is also must importantly need to know.

Get travel insurance before you departure for Travel

While you are planning you adventure holiday, buying travel insurance is very important. This will make you feel safer and economically and mentally tension free as well.

We highly recommended getting travel insurance from your home country and bringing it along while traveling in Nepal. Get insurance and go for Adventure freely.

Join with local travel company

Organizing your Adventure with local trekking & peak climbing companies will make you feel safer and you also get a quality service in a competitive price. They will be hiring the local guides, porters who know best about the home condition and local culture. Therefore this is also the best way to impact on local communities.

Never Disturb Ecosystem

Responsible Adventure in Nature is also major factors, our advice not just simply lets you explore the things and places but also to discover Eco friendly trekking Climbing considering basic indicators to appreciate the beauties of nature and the health safety at the same time when you are trekking. Please only take photographs and leave the footprints behind.