Solo Trekking vs Trekking with an Agency in Nepal

trekking in Nepal
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Some people like going into the unknown and enjoying the adventure on their own. They want to experience the trek in its raw form, without anyone else managing any part of it. Whereas, others enjoy having a trekking agency, to manage the tedious part of the trek, leaving them with the option of just enjoying the trek. They want to enjoy the best part of the trek and let others manage what they deem “not so fun” part.

There are both types of trekkers but what they prefer and enjoy depends upon lots of factors. Regardless of the trekker’s choice, both trekking solo and trekking with an agency has its own advantages and disadvantages. Today, we will be putting some light on both types of trekkers and how one type differs from the other.

Solo Trekking

You might love exploring nature alone, wandering into the unknown to discover something new. If you feel this way, then you are a solo trekker. But trekking solo comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. And if you wish to travel alone, then you should know all about the pros and cons of it.


1. Hike Whenever You Want to.

When you travel solo, you can choose the best time for you to travel. You will have no obligation regarding the timing of the team. You will have the freedom of choice, as there is no one else you need to be accounting for. Whenever you wish, you can pack your bag, and get going.

2.Learn A lot About Yourself

As you wander into nature alone, you will get to know more about nature, and yourself along with it. You will have all the time you need to clear your mind and be at peace with yourself. You can think about, how nature still remains a mystery to the wise and old, and how it still continues to inspire many young souls.

3.Become More Independent and Resourceful

Imagine yourself trekking in the middle of the jungle, and suddenly your compass breaks. You will have no one at your help. But the good part is that you will learn how to use the resources now you currently have. You can use the time of the day and the position of the Sun, to navigate your way. And, going through many situations like this, you will know how to make things work, with whatever little you have. It will make you more independent and resourceful.

4.Hike at Your Own Pace

Another good thing about trekking solo is that you can travel at your own pace. You don’t have a team you need to match your pace with. You can hike slowly whenever you feel tired, and catch on some pace when you feel like it. You don’t have any obligation with anyone.

5. Outdoor skills

As you slowly unravel the beautiful nature on your own, you will know how to make use of different tools. You will have more knowledge regarding how to use them and when to use them. You will learn how to make your requirements meet, with not much, but just enough resources.

6. Meet your fears

All of us are afraid of something. Some have the fear of being alone, some about the unknown humans and animals on the way. Some might have fear regarding, getting lost, whereas some about being in unpredictable situations. You will experience all these things while trekking alone. This will help you get over your fears and achieve something you will always be proud of.


1.Personal safety

The major disadvantage regarding trekking alone is personal safety. As you will be going into unknown places and the people are unknown too, your personal safety is not fully guaranteed. You might encounter robbers on the way or even encounter some dangerous wildlife. So, your personal safety is more compromised while trekking solo.

2.Chances of getting lost

There is a good chance of you getting lost when you are trekking alone. You might have the map, and be fully prepared. But still, there is a good chance that you can get lost and there is no one to help you.

3.Human and animal attacks

Trekking into the unknown places, makes you encounter with unknown people. And, you can never be sure about their intentions. Even someone who seems friendly, might not have the best intentions for you. They can rob you of your possessions or might have some other bad intentions for you. Similarly, wandering into the unknown alone also increases the chances of getting attacked by wild animals.


Injuries can happen regardless of whether you are traveling alone or in a group. But, when you are trekking alone, you will not get any help from anyone. You can get sick, or have some other injuries, but there is no one else to ease your pain and help you along the way. You need to keep going until you get some help.

5. Unpredicted situations

There are many situations you do not account for when you plan your trip. Some situations can be handled easily whereas, some are very difficult to handle. When trekking alone, you are your only help, to handle those unpredicted situations.

Trekking with an Agency

Now we know, both the pros and cons of trekking solo. We will now glimpse upon the good and bad, both sides of trekking with an agency too. Having your trek fully organized by the agency, you will be left only with the best part of the trek to enjoy. And, trekking with an agency is what, we at Green Society Adventures recommend trekkers to do. Surely, it has downsides too, but it’s pros far outweigh its cons.


1.Safety and Better security

The major advantage of trekking with an agency is that your safety and security is much more guaranteed than when you trek solo. You are with a team the whole time, which results in a much better chance of you making through the whole trek, safely and securely.

2. No tedious work (managing permits, hotels, transports, etc) / Hassle-Free Experience

When trekking with an agency, all the tedious work regarding your trek will be handled by the agency. The tedious works include booking a hotel, managing your transport, managing permits and so on. All these tasks will be taken care of by the agency and you are left with the option of enjoying the best part of the trek.

3. Know more about the place and people from guide and agency / Local Knowledge

When you are trekking, you will surely have many questions regarding your trek. Some, you will know along the way, whereas some, you will have no idea about unless you are told about it. With local guides managed by the agency, you will have a richer trekking experience by knowing more about the place you are trekking to, and the people who live there.

4. If Sick or injured, you will get help

The best advantage of traveling with an agency is that, when you are sick or injured, you have a team with you, who will help you get through the situation with much ease. Altitude sickness, sprained ankle, caught flu, all these things are avoided or taken care of, with the help of the team you are trekking with.

5. You won’t get lost

You will have experienced guides, who will be taking you through well-known routes. With this, you will have next to zero chances of getting lost. Once embarked upon, you are sure to reach your destiny, and in most cases, on time.

6.Helpful for first-timers

First-timers don’t have any experience about trekking. They don’t know what things to take with them, how to adjust their pace, to reach on time, or how to make the best of the trek. With a dedicated team, and guides guiding them, the first-timers will get used to it in no time.

7. Organized trek

Do you want to know, how to best organize your trek, to get the most out of it? Then, traveling with an agency is your best option. They will have everything organized and ready for you. You just need to show up on time and follow the lead. They will allow you to enjoy the trek, in the best, organized and timely manner.

8. Save time

 When trekking alone, you will be experimenting as you go. You might encounter some new place and might want to stay the night. While it is more enjoyable for you, it will alter your course duration. But, trekking with an agency will help you save time by exactly following the trekking schedule.


1. Can’t have your own schedule

One of the downsides of trekking with an agency is that you cannot have your own trekking schedule. You have a team to move along with, so you need to go according to the team’s schedule. While it offers other benefits, trekking with an agency will not allow you to move on your own schedule.

2. Don’t get accommodation as per your wish

While trekking with an agency, all your hotel reservations will be done by the company. You just need to be there with the team. But, on the downside, you do not get to choose your own accommodation. You need to stay where the team stays unless you are ready to pay extra, to cancel the reservation and make a one as you need.

3. Not much alone time

Trekking with an agency guarantees you that, all along the trek, you will be accompanied by your team. While it is a good thing, but this will block you from having some alone time to reflect upon things. You can, however, find some alone time every now and then.

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