Places in Nepal Biking Junkies Must Try In Their Life Time

Nepal Motorcycle Trips For Adveture
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Bike tour does not let you experience a motorcycle ride but lets you explore the land and culture along with adventure. Honestly, nothing can be the best mode to travel than a bike, especially when you are to visit places. You can stop where ever you want, you can ride till late at night or you can change your plan at any moment. So, if you are tired you can rest for a day longer, or if you want to visit an additional place out of your plan you can make it. Here we discuss some of the best places in Nepal where you can visit through your bike.

Why ride a bike in Nepal?

Nepal is the country with a geographical variation. The bike tour will let you come across valleys, plateaus, forests, waterfalls, rivers, mountains, hills and all kinds of other spaces. Nepal has various places with scenic beauty that can take away your breath. From mountain filled regions of Manang to plain spaces of Lumbini – there are amazing places which should be experienced.

Experience is not an issue in Nepal, because whether you are a well-experienced rider or a new rider – Nepal has rooms for all rider. There are adventurous filled tricky routes for daring bikers and simple routes for the riders who don’t want such risk.

The Forbidden Kingdom Ride

The trip can be started from Pokhara, but it is fine if you opt from Kathmandu itself. This will be a fascinating adventure trip off-road and through a pitched road. Down below, you will be riding opposite of the flow of Marsyandi River, and far beyond you will see Lamjung Himal, Annapurna II, and Annapurna III. You will have to ride in the height up to 3800 meters and will get two wonderful opportunities on the way. First, you will get to take bath in hot water spring located in Tatopani, and then you will get to see the deepest gorge – Kali Gandaki Gorge on the way. Ah! This is the best thing that bike ride will provide you – you can stop and enjoy in both places here.

The best thing about this ride is you will overcome through Gurung, Tamang, Ghale and Thakali culture here.  You will get to visit naturally beautiful places like Marpha, Jomsom, Muktinath temple. If you prefer, you can extend your trip trekking up to Tilicho lake – Lake at the highest altitude. Meanwhile, you can shorten your trip by riding only up to Muktinath as well.

  • Skill Level Required: Intermediate
  • Road: Black Topped, Gravel and Off-Road
  • Riding Hours: 5 – 6 Hours
  • Total Days Required: 6 – 8 days

Ride to Rara Lake

Observing the beauty of magical Rara Lake would be a lifetime experience indeed. Starting from Kathmandu, the ride will first take till Dang. Moving further the ride will come across Dungeshwor, Dailekh, Nagma, Talca Airport and then to Rara Lake. Rara lake is located in northwestern Nepal, in Mugu district. After being there it’s advisable to spend a day around Rara Lake and even visit around Bulbule.

The journey will take into the wilderness of the Karnali trekking area. And, the ride will be filled with natural adventure that would set into memory for a lifetime. Riding along with winding road, remote landscapes, and mountains far beyond would be the best experience that you should try in your lifetime. You customize the trip accordingly and even set plans for some short trek in between.

On this trip, you will experience the ride along with Mahendra Highway as well. You can also opt for staying down at Manama, Kohalpur and visit around these places. You will have to ride at high altitude as well, so you shouldn’t travel during winter there because of frequent snowfall. The best time to make a motorcycle ride here is between April to May. However, depending on whether you can plan for your trip.

  • Skill Level Required: Intermediate
  • Road: Black Topped, Gravel and Off-Road
  • Riding Hours: 6 – 7 Hours
  • Total Days Required: 7 – 10 days

A ride to Taplejung – Pathivara

What makes Taplejung popular? It’s a Pathivara temple. Located in the North-Eastern corner, Pathiavara is a holy place for Hindu. Apart from its holiness, the reaching to the temple itself is an adventure-filled journey. And not just that, you get to experience the best natural beauty filled with tea garden of the eastern region during this trip. Those fish fries of Koshi river, and tea right out of tea garden, and Churpi in between would be a bliss for anyone.

Starting from Kathmandu, the trip gets along with Sindhuli Highway and then meets Mahendra Highway from Bardibas. Heading east, you reach the Koshi dam where you can spend some beautiful time. Following, you come across popular places like Inaruwa, Itahari, Urlabari, Damak, and Birtamod. From Charaali, you then leave Mahendra highway and head north towards Mechi Highway.

Your real adventure begins within an hour from Charaali – because of your head upwards and reach Kanyam, a popular tourist destination. It is advisable that from Foggy Phikkal, you drive towards Sri Antu – where you will experience heavenly riding experience in between tea gardens. Sri Antu is a popular destination for camping and homestay. You can plan to stay overnight there as well. Okay, then coming back to Phikkal, you continue your ride towards Mai Khola and then Ilam.

It’s okay to spend some time around Ilam for any shopping you want. And then when you continue your ride – you reach Ranke and Pauwa Bhanjyang. These are high altitude places, and you might face snow if you are riding during winter. Then you get down to Phidim, again ride uphill to Salleri, Jor Pokhari. Don’t miss fish out of the natural river of Kabeli. Crossing Kabeli you then reach Taplejung district.

The road is blacktopped till Fungling, where you can stay overnight. Then, further 8 km, till you reach the airport of Suketar – you will have a relaxed ride. The road would go off and then. Kaflepati would be a few hour’s rides. You don’t have a choice – you then have a trek for around five hours till you reach Pathivara Temple. This would be a real adventure filled journey for you.

  • Skill Level Required: Intermediate
  • Road: Black Topped and Off-Road
  • Riding Hours: 6 – 7 Hours
  • Total Days Required: 5 – 8 days

Mahendra Highway Ride

Known by the name East-West Highway, Mahendra Highway runs within the Terai belt for 1050 kilometers. You can plan for the trip either from the eastern corner or from the western corner – as per your ease. This trip is all about riding on a plane surface, with some ups and downs in between. But, hey, this is not a plain trip – you get to experience some amazing moments too.

You will get to see some tea gardens in the east, experience Koshi river flow, taste Barmajhiya’s Peda, Chitwan’s taas, and fish of Chisapani would be something that you would never forget. Apart, you will get to visit cities like Damak, Itahari, Bardibas, Hetauda, Bharatpur, Butwal, Kohalpur, Lamahi in between the trip.

Don’t worry, it’s not all limited to these. Upon simply managing a couple of hours, you will be around Janakpur’s Janaki Temple; Chitwan’s National Park, Bardiya National Park as well. You don’t require high cc motorbike during this trip, and upon any sort of emergencies – the next city will be as far as one hour distance.

  • Skill Level Required: Beginner
  • Road: Black Topped
  • Riding Hours: 6 – 7 Hours
  • Total Days Required: 4 – 7 days

Holy Hindu Destination Ride

Nepal was previously a Hindu nation. With the majority of the Hindu population in this region, there are various holy Hindu places. Despite getting into secularism, Nepal is still a popular Hindu destination for a lot of people abroad. So, be it for Hindu, or no Hindu who would want to experience Hindu culture – Nepal has always been into their preferred list. This is not any fixed route trip but can be customized.

However, the trip can begin from holy Pashupatinath, at Kathmandu. You can then drive up to Dolakha and ride up to Kuri. An hour of the walk will take you to heavenly Kalinchowk. Returning, you then ride along Charikot, Manthali and catch up Sindhuli Highway and come across Bardibas to reach Janakpur’s, Janaki Temple. Okay, this trip can then be extended to Barahachetra of Sunsari, and further up to Taplejung’s Pathiavara as well. On your way back, you can ride up to Manakamana as well.

There are other regions like Muktinath, Swargwadwari – that you can plan up if you have got enough determination and time; as it would be a further adventure-filled. The trip can be customized as per your desire and then. This trip will not just let you explore beautiful Nepal, flora, and faunas – but will also let you experience typical Hindu culture in Nepal.

  • Skill Level Required: Intermediate
  • Road: Black Topped, Gravel, Off-Road, Treks
  • Riding Hours: 6 – 7 Hours
  • Total Days Required: Depends upon the destination preferred

Some Short Rides

There is another smaller motorcycle trip that can be planned at any time. They can be limited to a day ride but would be equally fun-filled. These rides would include city ride or some highway ride as well. So, with limitations over the time these trips can be planned.

Pokhara Circuit Ride can be one popular motorcycle riding experience, through which you can make visits to popular places of Pokhara like Mahendra Cave, Davis Fall, Begnas Lake and even up to Bandipur and end up in Lake Side.

Similarly, you can plan for Kathmandu Circuit ride – for visiting popular destinations within Kathmandu valley – like Boudha, Swyambhu, Patan Durbar Square, Basantapur Durbar Square and up to Bhaktapur Durbar Square – they can be planned up for a day trip itself.

Easy Chitwan – Lumbini Ride can be the next destination to ride a motorcycle. After exploring the wilderness of Chitwan, you can then ride to Lumbini from there and then explore Buddha’s birthplace. This would be highway filled up experience, where you will ride in part of Mahendra Highway. The best thing about these rides is you can move ahead with any motorcycle.

  • Skill Level Required: Basic
  • Road: Black Topped
  • Riding Hours: 6 – 7 Hours
  • Total Days Required:  1

There are less populated roads with less traffic, but there are high traffic-filled up the road as well. So, you must ride along with entire safety measures. Also, make sure you gather all the servicing points – so that if any trouble occurs you would know how far the mechanic is.

Always ride slow and safe – Happy Riding!

Featured Photo Credit: Himalayan Enfielder

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